Our Services

Systems and Platforms Training

Our team will take a deep look at all the data of the applications and platforms, then see if they are working in sync and properly. This will help you avoid any issues that could lead to downtime or other problems in your website or application.


Automation is a continuous process that involves the development of new solutions and the implementation in existing systems. We will create and implement a variety of tests at different levels of work management. Moreover, we will create an advanced automation system that will automatically defect faults and alert in real time.

QA consulting

Re-cheque helps banks overcome all types of testing challenges and implements a QA strategy tailored to the desired outcomes. For Example, software quality, structural changes, in-house QA underperforcmance, high testing costs and etc.

QA Interview Training

Train your staff to conduct timely interviews and authentication checks at the highest level in the most efficient way.